Roof Carts & Job-Site Trucks  3,000 lb. Capacity
Our Line of Industrial Roof Cart / Job-Site Trucks include a Flush Deck Model, as well as a Perimeter Lipped Edge Model.
These Models are available in 5 Deck Sizes, and they are equipped with eight - 16" high quality commercial pneumatic tires,
which allow for a better balanced load when being moved or when left in a stationary position.
They provide a 3,000 lb. Capacity, which is the highest of the industry.  American-Made, using 12 gauge steel,
these powder coated Models are built to last and are popular with contractors nationwide, serving all markets.
Roofing Contractors, HVAC Contractors, Landscape Contractors, General Building Contractors, Glass and Flooring Contractors,
Solar Contractors, industrial Utility facilities,
as well as companies involved in manufacturing use these Carts for transporting their materials.


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8 -Wheeler Trucks
for Roof or Ground
Job-Site applications


with Eight - 16" x 4"
Pneumatic Tires
distribute load
over greater surface area

Available in 4 Deck Sizes

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All Steel Industrial
Flush Deck Models or Lipped deck Models
Roof Carts / Job-Site Trucks

All Welded Construction
12 Gauge Steel

Durable Powder Coated Finish

3,000 lb. High Weight Capacity

1" Axle
T-Handle with 2 1/2" I.D. Ring,
for intermittent low speed towing on site

Flush Steel Deck Models

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Lipped Edge Models

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 Steel Platform Trucks

12"  & 10" Combo Pneumatic Tires

1,750 lb. Capacity

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 Steel Platform Trucks

16"  & 12" Combo Pneumatic Tires

2,500 lb. Capacity

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